Does the opportunity to control your financial destiny sound appealing? How about the prospect of being your own boss? Then joining the Georgio’s Oven Fresh Pizza Co®. family may be for you.

By purchasing a Georgio’s® franchise, you will have the means to a wonderful money making opportunity. And you don’t have to be a veteran of the industry. Minimal experience is required as Georgio’s® Founder & Owner George Chamoun, along with members of the Georgio’s Oven Fresh Pizza Co®. family, will personally assist you in learning the ins and outs of the pizza franchising business.

Georgio’s® stores are owned and operated by motivated individuals who have the means and capability to maintain our core qualities and mission, which include:

  • The production of a fresh, high-quality product.
  • Development of relationships with your customers and community.

There are immediate opportunities to purchase existing Georgio’s® franchises or to start your own at a location of your preference. To learn more about owning and operating a Georgio’s® franchise,
please contact us at:
1-866-24-FRESH or info@georgiosofp.com!

Consumers Love Pizza!
According to the 2001 Chain Restaurant Review and Outlook, the U.S. pizza category represents $25 billion in sales each year. Pizza is the number one delivery/carryout product, and of course, it is something that appeals to all ages.

Quality Product
As statistics confirm, the pizza segment of the food industry is growing. Today, families are busier than ever and they want a fast and quality meal choice for their family. The convenience and value that the pizza industry provides is indisputable. With Georgio's Oven Fresh Pizza Co®., our dough is made fresh daily, we offer two crusts, and a variety of additional products to choose from, all contributing to making Georgio's® a fast food restaurant everyone can enjoy. That's what makes us special.

Quality Franchises
At Georgio's® we not only provide quality products to our customers, but we strive for quality service to our franchisees as well. With over 30 years experience in the pizza business we maintain a well-structured franchise service program to assist you in meeting your financial and business development goals. we offer top notch initial and ongoing training, and excellent operational and marketing support. In addition, we have the added benefit of increased purchasing power and convenience through our own food and equipment supply system. Below is a summary of the training, operations and marketing support you will receive from all levels of the Georgio's® management team:

• 6 weeks management development program provided at our training facility.
• All levels of management participate with the trainees.
• Preopening in-store training support provided by our field operations team.
• Ongoing business consulting services, on an as needed basis.
• 5-days in store training as a follow-up, after store opening.

Print, TV and radio advertising materials regularly provided to maximize sales building efforts. Attractive point-of-purchase materials designed to increase customer awareness and frequency. Marketing Services support for customized marketing and individual advertising planning and implementation.

Frequently asked questions about acquiring a Georgio's Oven Fresh Pizza Co® franchise:

Q: Why should I consider Georgio’s®?
A: Georgio’s® Founders has been in Pizza business for over 30 years and has tremendous brand recognition. Its philosophy is to provide its customers with delicious, high quality products, at an affordable price. If this appeals to you, we invite you to consider Georgio’s Oven Fresh Pizza Co.®

Q: How much does it cost to purchase a Georgio’s® restaurant?
A: If you are purchasing an existing store, the seller will determine the price. If you are going to build a new store, Georgio’s Oven Fresh estimates that it will cost between $154,500 - $252,500. Of course, actual costs may vary.

Q: What are Georgio’s® financial requirements for potential franchisees?
A: Georgio’s Oven Fresh Pizza Co.® requires candidates desiring to open one store to have a $150,000 net worth, with a minimum of $75,000 in liquid, unencumbered assets like cash. You must also be able to obtain financing to cover the total costs of opening a franchised location.

Q: If I don't meet the financial or operational criteria to become a franchisee, can I partner with someone who does?
A: Yes. We would need a complete application package for each member of your potential franchise group, including investors.

Q: Does Georgio’s Oven Fresh Pizza Co.® finance any of these costs?
A: Georgio’s® does not currently provide any financing.

Q: Where can I franchise?
A: Many prime areas across the country are currently available for franchising.

Q: What if I have no food experience?
A: Prior food experience is helpful, but not essential. Georgio’s® offers a 6-week training program, covering the basics of operating a restaurant.

Q: How much money will I make?
A: The amount of profit or loss may be based on a number of factors, including sales, costs, and the franchisee's ability to manage the business. Georgio’s Oven Fresh Pizza Co.® does not, however, make or release earning claims and it does not authorize anyone (including its employees) to make such claims.

Q: If I am interested, what do I do?
A: You should Download the Online Franchise Application, complete it, and then submit it to us. We can then fully explain the steps to be approved as a Georgio’s® franchisee.